The Willies

The Warm, The Wet, The Wonderful

The Willies formed in Northeast Philadelphia in the 80's. An original band with three songwriters, they combined their oft at odds influences into a power pop sound that entertained those lucky enough to catch them. After two years of playing the local clubs, colleges and public recreational facilities, the band took a well-earned hiatus. For a quarter of a century. Well rested and perfectly seasoned, The Willies are back. So you should be too. 

The band has been out and about playing the gigs and polishing the tunes. The musical style of the Willies has been called Rock Americana. It's a blend of everything we've ever heard or dug, filtered through very different personalities and delivered to your grocer's freezer. We're like the Whitman's Sampler of Rock... you can't just try one. You need to dig into the whole box to get a real sense as to what, and who, the Willies are. The Willies endure, warmly, wetly and wonderfully. 


Current Willies: Tony D'Aulerio, Sean Hegarty, Larry Flaherty, Tim McKinstry & Bubbles MacPhearson. 

Willies Alumni:  Dr. John "Peach" Leonard, Rich "Rich" Bradley

All Songs Copyright © The Willies. All Rights Reserved.